Indiana Student Teacher Achievement Recognition dates back to 1984 when area schools (Centerville, Connersville, Franklin County, Hagerstown, Lincoln, Rushville, Tri High and Union County) created the program to enhance two focal areas of schooling – teaching and learning -- and to honor outstanding examples of each. 

RCHS selected I-STAR students Alexa Schwendenman, Hannah Strain, Katie Thoman. They are in the top 10 percent of the senior class and applications based on academics and activities.
The selected students in turn select a teacher (K-12) who made the most outstanding contribution to the I-STAR student's individual and scholastic development.

Schwendenman selected biology teacher Brooke Edwards as her I-STAR teacher. 
In her Educator Essay,  Schwendenman wrote the following... 
“In the mornings, you will see Ms. Edwards, without fail, walking down the halls or standing at her doorway telling people hi as they walk in.  If she sees someone that looks like they are down, she will ask about their day.  She is available at all times to talk it out if you are not having a good day.  When you get into her class, she will always ask what is happening in our lives before she
 starts teaching.  She makes connections with her students like no other teacher in the building.  She remembers many students' stories and life stories and is able to recall them.  If she knows that you have something big coming up, she will give you words of encouragement or ask about how it went.  She tells stories of her own and allows students to feel more connected to her as well..”

Hannah Strain selected student research officer Brent Horton as her I-STAR Educator. Her Educator Essay included the following...
“I am nominating Deputy Brent Horton for an ISTAR award.  As a student resource officer, Brent is responsible for ensuring a safe learning environment; however, he provides much more.  He transformed his role as a softball coach with his deep care for each and every girl on the team.  He has become a positive role model for the team, providing comical relief and inspiring lectures whenever we needed them.  More specifically, he has become a role model to me..”

Katie Thomaan selected middle school band teacher Heather Campbell as her I-STAR teacher. Her Educator Essay included the following... 
“One of my favorite qualities about Mrs. Campbell is her passion and dedication to her students and music.  Whether it be raining or shining, she is ready to teach with a smile on her face.  She has truly found her passion in life, and I love that her energy spreads like wildfire across the band room.  It is honestly magical.  She works so hard for the band program too.  Mrs. Campbell is a big fundraiser enthusiast.  Throughout my four years of high school, Mrs. Campbell has put together several different fundraisers to help pay for various trips and endeavors the band will take.  She has encouraged all of us to participate in numerous fundraisers through Dairy Queen and Soapy Joe's.  She also encouraged us to participate in fundraisers that support the community, like parking cars at the steam show and pumping gas at the Shell Station's Grand Re-opening.  By providing us with fundraisers, Mrs. Campbell shows her commitment to ensuring that each student can be included in band activities that may be more expensive.  Mrs. Campbell is in fact so dedicated to her students that she will go to extracurricular activities outside of band to support her students.  I am on the gymnastics team for the school, and she comes to any meet she can make.  I am so grateful for that.  The gymnastics team is not necessarily popular at school, but she comes to cheer on my sister and me whenever she can.”

I-STAR students and teachers received plaques at the annual I-STAR program that took  place March 3 at Lincoln High School. I-STAR students from the eight participating schools introduced I-STAR teacher of their choice. 
Congratulations I-STARS!