On Tuesday, Jan. 11 at 5 p.m., a celebration was held in honor of First5 of Rush County's $100,000 grant. The grant will help to improve access to high-quality early learning. 

“With a $100,000 investment from Early Learning Indiana, high quality childcare will be expanded for Rush County,” Jeri McCorkle said. “We are taking what is already working and building on it by expanding current high-quality programs and utilizing the strengths of some of the excellent providers we already have.  

Rush County is one of 14 counties in Indiana with no access to quality care for infants and toddlers.
Early Learning of Indiana is proud to award First5 of Rush County a $100,000 grant to close the gap supporting its efforts. 

“We are creating new seats for infants and toddlers.  Our team will also be providing mentoring to new and growing programs, McCorkle continued. “We are providing community education to businesses and families. By building on what's already working for us, this community-based solution addresses economic development, health, education and social services.  We are Closing the Gap between what we have and what we know is possible.”

A more in-depth story will be in next week's edition of the Rushville Recorder.