The Rushville Parks Department recently hired Kathi Jackley of New Salem as the new part-time Natural Resource and Program Coordinator.
“I bring with me to this job a passion for the outdoors and our park system,” Jackley shared. “I love our public lands and believe in fostering a connection to our land and parks through hands-on connection.”
At the City of Rushville Parks Department meeting on March 8, parks director Dan Burklow proposed Kathy Jackley as a Natural Resource and Program Coordinator for the City of Rushville's Parks Department.
Burklow shared at the meeting Kathi has been an advocate for the parks department and has been involved with the parks for the last four years. She has led several volunteer groups working to remove invasive plants at the amphitheater and was the leader of the pollinator garden installation at Carol Jenkins-Davis Park.  
“Most importantly, she led the charge in the prairie installation at the amphitheater,” Burklow shared at the meeting. “Kathi has shown an interest, a passion, a dedication for the parks, community, and youth of Rushville on her own free will. I have been grateful to get to know Kathi over the years and appreciate everything she has done to help the parks department not only with programs, but with educating us on trees, plants, grasses and such that are native vs. invasive. 
“This is very important to know due to us trying to achieve a prairie planting that will thrive, and in the process eliminate any invasive species that may hinder the prairie's progress.”
After a lengthy discussion, Malson made a motion to move forward with this program as long as the funding comes from other sources and not the parks budget. Starkey seconded the motion. Motion carried.  
In her new position, Jackley will focus on the five following goals:
1.High focus on creating a regular schedule of programs;
2.Utilize social media to share features of the parks and promote programs and events;
3. Create relationships with multiple agencies for programs and possible future funding
4. Start to build community around the park system
5. Get a volunteer program off the ground
Jackley wants to foster community in parks through programs, improving nature space, and community feedback and involvement.
“If you have a program idea or you or your club or organization would like to volunteer with us, please reach out and let us see what we can do together,” Jackley said.
Jackley can be reached by emailing [email protected].