RCHS held its ninth annual all-school pep session at the end of the day on Monday, Jan. 31., sponsored by the Principal's Advisory Committee (PAC).
"We try to have a positive, school spirit-based school-wide event at the beginning of the second semester," RCHS principal Rob Hadley said. "My Principal's Advisory Committee actually requested having this type of event a number of years ago - they felt that we have Homecoming activities during the football season and that we needed something similar during the winter season."  

The pep rally had a full line-up to recognize RCHS students and incite school spirit. The staff vs. scout team basketball game turned out to be a crowd favorite. Although there wasn't much scoring early on, the scout team got hot in the second half and pulled out a big victory. 

At halftime, the crowd was treated to an exceptional guest dance group performance. "During the first planning meeting with the PAC, the members suggested having a group of guys, mostly athletes, practice a dance routine to perform," Hadley said. "It was a hit."

Hadley shared the importance of the pep session was well beyond driving school spirit. "In the context of the global pandemic, political turbulence, and societal upheaval, our students need positive, spirited events and human interactions," Hadley said. "Our kids are struggling through difficult times, and mental health challenges are pervasive--they need fun and positivity along with the serious aspects of school!"

Hadley gave a big thank you to the PAC for planning and organizing the event and Mrs. Beth Jarman and Ms. Kristin Baker (RCHS Cheer Coaches) for helping the special dance group and making the pep session an even better event for students.