Congratulations to the RCHS Lion's SHARE GIRAFFE Award winners for February: Mrs. Julie Wainwright (RCHS Business Teacher) and Mrs. Yesenia Leon (RCHS Resource Paraprofessional)!  Like a GIRAFFE, they “Stick Their Necks Out” For Kids!  They each have a heart like a GIRAFFE—the GIRAFFE has the largest heart in the entire animal kingdom…about 25 pounds!

Mrs. Wainwright and Mrs. Leon will now proudly display their stuffed animal giraffes in honor of their awards!  They also received certificates and gift cards for Pizza King!  

The January GIRAFFE winners chose the February recipients. Mr. David Doyle created an operatic video, which was played at a staff meeting, to honor Mrs. Wainwright.  Ms. Katie Lester created a keepsake framed composition to recognize Mrs. Leon at that same staff meeting.  Talent and creativity abound at RCHS!