This week, our students, parents, guardians, and teachers persevered despite all of the challenges of eLearning. Nothing stops our Lion's SHARE presentations. Mr. Mendoza and Mr. Hedrick made home deliveries to our winners!
To all of our students who have been staying in a healthy routine, communicating with your teachers, and completing assignments, GREAT WORK! You may not see it right now, but you are developing grit, mental toughness, self-discipline, and time management skills. No matter what path you choose in life, these traits will help you get the To our parents and guardians who have stayed positive, motivated your children, and stressed the importance of continuing an education, GREAT WORK! eLeaning would not be successful without our parents leading the way!
To our teachers who continue to assign meaningful, rigorous, engaging work, while also showing some compassion, GREAT WORK! Thank you for continuing to grow, adapt, and love our students.
Our MillDrill, Inc. Lion's SHARE winners for this week are:
• Ms. Baker's entire 1st Block class! She nominated them all because of their dedication. She had 100% attendance and participation with this group! WooHoo!
• Jaylen Owens. Jaylen was nominated by Mrs. Carmony. Mrs. Carmony noted that Jaylen has shown a tremendous work ethic during eLearning! He is staying on top of his assignments and communicating very well!
• Mikaylee Knecht. Mikaylee was nominated by Mr. Haney. Mr. Haney says that Mikaylee is very helpful and kind. She consistently goes out of her way to help others, and she is very hard working!
• Abby Herbert. Abby was nominated by Mrs. Schultz. Mrs. Schultz was blown away when Abby took the time to complete an eLearning ink and wash drawing. She even took a photo of her phenomenal work and sent it to Mrs. Schultz.
• Justin Foreman. Justin was nominated by Mrs. Lemmons and Ms. Scanlan. Mrs. Lemmons calls Justin her Beta tester! She can always count on him to give her feedback about links, videos, posts, assignments, and other technical eLearning things. Ms. Scanlan says that Justin is really staying on top of his work, his Algebra work especially. High level math can be challenging any time, but it is especially challenging during eLearning. Justin has been doing an excellent job of communicating with Ms. Scanlan.
• Aaron Martin. Aaron was nominated by Ms. Baker. Ms. Baker is amazed by Aaron's passion for coding. She said that he is leaps and bounds ahead in class, and he is always going above and beyond on projects. This kid is a self starter and really knows how to push himself!
• Kelly Howard. Kelly was nominated by Ms. Lester. Ms. Lester says that Kelly has been a joy to work with during eLearning. She isn't afraid to ask for help, she comes to Google Meets prepared with questions, and she is continuing to take her learning very seriously.
Source: RCHS