Our Lion's SHARE Winners for this week are as follows:
• Hannah Aylsworth. Hannah was nominated by multiple staff members. Hannah was nominated because she demonstrates excellent Scholarship. She has all As and she does an amazing job in all her classes. Hannah's excellent grades are the result of her intellect and her insatiable work ethic. You can always count on Hannah for doing the right thing! Hannah was awarded our Lion's SHARE VIP Parking space for February!
• Carly Buckley. Carley was nominated by Mr. Orme. Mr. Orme uses John Wooden's quote, "Make each day a masterpiece!" Mr. Orme says that Carly embodies this quote. He says Carly can literally do this, and much more, with her creativity!
• Sarah Johnson. Sarah was also nominated by Mr. Orme. Mr. Orme says that Sarah is an All-Star FFA member. He also says that she could have a heck of a career in sales. She has outstanding sales skills.
• Hali Keller. Hali was nominated by Mrs. Personett. Mrs. Personett is amazed by Hali's work ethic and diligence! Mrs. Personett said that Hali emailed her before school even started and asked about assignments and work. She cares and prepares!
• Austin Koontz. Austin was nominated by Mrs. Carmony. Mrs. Carmony said that Austin has really stepped up his cooking game! He is an amazing leader in Advanced Foods. She also loves his confidence!
If you would like to donate to the RCHS Lion's SHARE program, please use the link on our Facebook Page.