Our latest attempt to recognize some of the great qualities of our young leaders follows:
•Anthony Spaeth was nominated by Ms. Monk.  Ms. Monk says that Anthony is a caring friend.  He took the time to check on a peer, who was having a bad day.  Anthony listened and offered his unconditional support.  Anyone would be lucky to have Anthony as a friend!
•Joleigh Geise was nominated by Mrs. Lemmons.  Mrs. Lemmons says that Joleigh embodies kindness, empathy, and quick thinking!   Joleigh showed compassion and superb problem solving skills when a fellow cast member was injured during play rehearsal. 
•Elijah Biggs was nominated by Mrs. Kemple.  Mrs. Kemple noted that Elijah has been working very hard to catch up on some work.  Elijah has dedicated himself to coming to Mrs. Kemple's room during his free time and that he works non-stop!
•Victoria Smiley was nominated by Mr. Hedrick.  Mr. Hedrick observed Victoria re-teaching a lesson in order to help her peers.  Victoria used the chalkboard to guide her classmates through some difficult tasks.  This was after she had already completed a great deal of her own work!
•Ariel Winters was nominated by Mr. Hedrick.  Mr. Hedrick was proud of Ariel for working so hard on some tough assignments.  But Ariel didn't stop there!  She took it upon herself to sit down with some of her peers and help them with some math homework!  Ariel for the win!
•Levi Marlatt was nominated by Mrs. Puls, Mrs. Craig, and Mrs. Hamilton!  Everyone who knows Levi knows that he is a special young man.  All three of these nominations were for Levi's willingness to help other people.  On one occasion a teacher dropped some materials in a crowded hallway and it was Levi to the rescue!   On another occasion, Levi was observed helping a group of students who had questions about their science work. Levi has a kind heart, which goes along well with his insatiable work ethic and his brilliant mind! 
Pictured left to right is Aimee Puuls, Levi Marlatt, Elijah Biggs, Anthony Spaeth, Ariel Winters, Victoria Smiley, and Mark Mendoza. Unfortunately we did not get a photo of Joleigh Geise. 
Source: Mark Mendoza