We are so proud to present our latest group of outstanding young people!

  • Max Disney was nominated by Mrs. Wainwright.  Mrs. Wainwright was so proud and impressed when Max went out of his way to help a fellow classmate get caught up on some assignments!
  • Brittney Mahan was nominated by Mr. Orme.  Mr. Orme says when he thinks of Brittney, he thinks of the famous quote, "Don't wait for people to be friendly, show them how!"  Brittney models how to be friendly to others!
  • Olivia Smith was nominated by Mrs. Kemple.  Mrs. Kemple says that Olivia is a dedicated and persistent student.  Recently Olivia showed her persistence when she retook a quiz.  She took the time to study, dedicated herself to improving, and boom!  She improved dramatically!
  • Jordan Davis was nominated by Mrs. Schultz.  Mrs. Schultz said that Jordan takes great care and makes great effort.  She also noted that Jordan recognizes when his peers need help.  His compassion and kindness rock!
  • Audrey Gulley was nominated by Profe Rosario.  Profe says that Audrey is committed to excellence in Scholarship!  Audrey emails Profe questions, seeks deeper understanding, and comes to class prepared and ready to work!
  • Bryce Berkemeier was also nominated by Profe Rosario.  First of all, have you seen this guy on the mound!  Bryce is a hard working and dedicated baseball player.  Also, Profe says that his work ethic in the classroom is also phenomenal.  Bryce is also described as helpful to his peers and respectful to his teachers.  Bryce always gives his best!


Pictured you will see: Jordan Davis, Olivia Smith, and Audrey Gulley. Pictured separately you will see Brittney Mahan and Bryce Berkemeier. Unfortunately we could not get a picture of Max Disney.