Our Lady Lions have been impressive on the court! We are hoping for a Sectional Championship this weekend!
Equally impressive is our students' behavior off the court. Our students continue to make RCHS a top notch academic institution that radiates positive energy and promotes high character!

Our Lion's SHARE Winners for 2/5/21 are:
• Byron Pavey. Bryron was nominated by Ms. Monk. Ms. Monk, who is a beacon of goodness herself, nominated Byron for helping her with an enormous decorating project! Ms. Monk said she couldn't have done it without him! Byron is respectful and very kind to others as well.

• Samantha Wyatt. Samantha was also nominated by Ms. Monk because she also provided a great deal of help with Ms. Monk's Learning Commons decorating project. Samantha is full of grit and perseverance as well.

• Camren Munchel. Camren was nominated by Mrs. Wainwright. Mrs. Wainwright says that Camren "saved the day" recently. He helped her with something very important. This outstanding senior has also started the semester off with tremendous dedication to Scholarship. He has all As!
• Sam Smith. Sam was nominated by Ms. Risselman. Sam is always willing to help a student in need. Ms. Risselman noted that recently, Sam helped another student who was having a computer issue. This blonde headed Boy Wonder has such a good attitude!

• Drew McKee. Drew was nominated by Mrs. Personett. Mrs. Personett was impressed by Drew's willingness to include others. During a recent class project, he went out of his way to make sure everyone was able to participate.

Pictured left to right: Mrs. Puls, Byron Pavey, Cameron Munchel, Drew McKee, Samantha Wyatt, and Mark Mendoza. Not pictured is Sam Smith.