For the Bicentennial, the Rush County Bicentennial Committee compiled a list of 200 things to do this year to celebrate. Here are 1-25. Next week will feature 26-50.
1. Come up with your own way to Celebrate Rushville / Rush County's Bicentennial.
2. Purchase the “official” Bicentennial T-Shirt.
3. Buy a Bicentennial Coloring Book and color your favorite pages.
4. Post the Bicentennial Logo on some form of social media #Happy200RushCounty.
5. Get the new Rush County History Book when it comes out and read every page.
6. Take your family to see Tyler Booth, Molly Hatchet & Eddie Montgomery Sept. 17, 2022.
7. Listen to and practice singing “My Town” at the top of your lungs.
8. Visit the newly rebuilt Round Barn up towards Carthage.
9. Buy tickets to this year's Covered Bridge Dinner during Willkie Days / RushFest.
10. Ride in or support this year's 5 and 50 Covered Bridge Bike Ride.
11. Be sure you know that Willkie is spelled with two “L”s.
12. Count to 200 with 200 of your closest friends.
13. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Rushville.
14. Donate time/money to your favorite local charity.
15. Take a tour of the Rush County Historical Society Museum.
16. Ring in the new year with friends and family.
17. Eat BBQ Ham, Royal Feast or Cowboy Pizza at Pizza King.
18. Enjoy the Midway at the Rush County Fair.
19. Attend the Adult Prom being held at the Farmers Market May 14, 2022
20. Go to the Overlook @ Riverside to enjoy the splash pad.
21. Thank someone for their contribution to making Rush County better.
22. Take a walk through East Hill Cemetery.  Find a random name and Google them.
23. Be in the 4th of July parade.
24. Go star-gazing by lying on soccer field behind the elementary.
25. Eat Justrite fries with “special” sauce.