STS Custom Bike started by Milroy native, Terry Gwinnup, welcomes Elton Marzon to the STS family as Director of Marketing. After several years of working in banking, Marzon decided to chase the dream of an American-made bicycle. 

STS Custom Bikes begin by being made in America, as STS feels they must "represent the home team." As a result, STS bikes are handcrafted and dedicated to quality. Next, STS ensures a good ride as it recognizes the importance of being comfortable on your bike. The final part is the personal service STS provides. "Each bike we put out is a point of pride," COO Andy Kirchoff stated. "We strive to convey that with every interaction."

Gwinnup is the picture of an American success story. Growing up in Milroy, Terry went to work in the local paper mill. However, Gwinnup dreamed of owning his own business. Gwinnup began working the night shift to earn a paycheck while starting a business during the day. His first business venture was lawn care. It was a risk, but he bought a mower that could handle the volume of work. Hard work opened the door to quitting the night job and chasing his dream full time. 

Lawn care led to environmental restoration, and business began to boom. Finally, after ten long years of growing Gwinnup's Restoration, Gwinnup became the owner of three businesses in Rush County, which he initially started to give back to the community.