In a world that seems to have an increased level of tension and division, our Lion's SHARE winners are beacons of friendliness and unity!  It was not intentional, but almost all of the winners this week were nominated for their care and compassion for fellow human beings.
Our winners are:
• Kaylyn Marsh and Hannah Strain were nominated by Ms. Monk, Mrs. Anderson, and Mrs. Huffman.  They say that Kaylyn and Hannah were a huge help in the RES library.  They shelved a ton of books with tremendous efficiency and diligence. They helped when the staff needed it the most!  Hannah and Kaylyn are invaluable!
• Edward Kinala was also nominated by three teachers. Mrs. Robben, Ms. Robinson and Mrs. Shook say that Edward is always so helpful!  Along with his helpfulness, Edward always has a smile on his face. Edward, thank you for your help and for being so positive!
• Lexi Morris was nominated by Mr. Alspaugh.  Mr. Alspaugh was blown away by Lexi's selflessness.  He saw her go above and beyond to help a student who was new to the class.
• Anthony Judge was nominated by Mrs. Meyer.  Mrs. Meyer says that Anthony opens the door for her and others in the morning. Anthony is always respectful and pleasant. Anthony's helpfulness and kindness make RCHS a better place.
• Kameron Morton was nominated by Mrs. Tague.  Mrs. Tague says that Kameron has demonstrated a strong work ethic and desire to do well in English. Mrs. Tague admires Kameron's positive attitude and the kindness he shows towards others!