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  • Julie Innis - Principal of the Year
    On Sunday, November 21, the Indiana Association of School Principals (IASP) will recognize Julie Innis, Principal at Arlington Elementary School, (Rob Hadley, Principal at Rush Consolidated High School received High School Principal of the Year), as the 2021 District Elementary Principal for IASP District 10.
  • A new performing arts organization emerges: The Rushville Regional Theatre
    After several years of behind the scenes planning and organizing, Rush County now welcomes its new performing arts organization, The Rushville Regional Theatre! 
  • Rushville needs and updates discussed at  city council meeting
    The Rushville Parks Dept. is continuing to see progress in several city areas.
  • Rush Co. continues to receive grant funding
    Rush County receives an incredible amount of community funding from grants awarded at the state and federal levels. Community members are made aware of the financing through city projects, with a new project beginning seemingly daily. However, many don't know the hard work be
    fore awarding grants completed by different organizations and charities, such as Rush County Economic & Community Development Corporation (ECDC).Recently Rush County was awarded money from Duke Energy after the ECDC applied for their partnership grant when Duke opened it to communities in the Duke service area. 
  • Patriot Guard Riders to escort replica tomb of the Unknown Soldier into Rushville
     Members of the Indiana Patriot Guard Riders will escort the half-scale replica of "A Call To Honor, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier" to Rushville on Saturday, May 15. 
  • 2021 Heart of Rushville Farmers’ and
Artisan’s Market Season Nears
    Vendors are so excited for the 2021 Market Season to begin.  Opening day will be on Saturday, May 22. The Market opens at 9:00 am and runs until 12:30 pm every Saturday until the end of September.  
  • Start the Conversation - May is Mental Health Month
    Eight weeks ago, I started my second “School of Thought” series, “A personal view of Mental Health.” The series was seven weeks and a dive into my mental illness, Bipolar 2 disorder. Seven weeks seemed to like more than enough time to cover the topic, but I realized we hadn’t even scratched the surface, and our communities engaged during the seven weeks. Others came forward bravely with their experiences and expertise in hopes to touch a life, even one.
  • Mentors of Rush County volunteer to impact local youth
    As National Volunteer Month nears its last few days, it is appropriate to share the efforts of one local organization working to empower the younger generations of Rush County children. 
  • Remembering Rhoades Benefit
    As the 7th Annual “Remembering Rhoades” benefit, planned for May 8, draws near, Cathy Rhoades, Dennis Rhoades’ survivor, shared how something so very simple grew into a yearly philanthropy event for her and Rush County community members!
  • Rush County In Perspective - Week of April 26
    Well, I’ve just about heard it all now! Get ready. Freshman Congresswoman, Democrat from Michigan, Rashida Tlaib wants to defund the police and close all prisons. Have you ever heard of anything more ridiculous in your life?
  • "America, Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness" - Series 3, Part 1
    Although many times I wish I didn't, I see the news headlines too. Social media has an uncanny way of helping one to view bad news in our hometowns and beyond.
  • Attorney General Todd Rokita is urging Hoosiers to bring their expired, unused and/or unwanted medications to drop-off disposal sites statewide as part of National Drug Take Back Day on Saturday, April 24.
  • Weekly Lion’s SHARE recognition for young leaders
    Our latest attempt to recognize some of the great qualities of our young leaders follows:
  • The Heart of Rushville Farmers’ &  Artisans’ 
Market - Call out to vendors
    Are you planning to plant a big garden this year? Do you make the BEST cinnamon rolls ever? Do you spend your free time making jewelry or crocheting hats or painting pictures or signs? Then you might want to join our Farmers' Market.
  • Earth Day in Rush County
    Every year people wonder how our local environmental agency, Clean Green Rush, is celebrating Earth Day, a nationally designated day that began fifty-one years ago on April 22, 1970. These are usually outdoor celebrations. The weather here that week is nearly always cold, rainy, windy and uninviting for celebrations.
  • City updates cover a wide variety of topics
    On April 6, at the city council meeting, it was reported Rushville was currently in the “Blue” category and all citizens 16-years-old and older are eligible for the vaccine. Mayor Pavey suggested since COVID restrictions are being lifted, conversations are beginning regarding programs and such. Pavey stated he thought it would be a good idea to schedule a town hall so the public can have questions answered.
  • Fair Queen Pageant contestants needed
    As sunny, warmer days continue to approach, so does one of the most anticipated summer events in Rush County, the fair! As all of us know, you can't have a county fair without the Fair Queen! This year the Rush County Fair Queen Pageant will be celebrating their 61st year and are currently searching for participants! The deadline to enter is approaching and is next Friday, April 30th.
  • Milroy Man Arrested Following Traffic Stop on I-74
    Dearborn County-Yesterday, April 12, 2021, a 46 year old Rush County, Indiana man was arrested on drug charges following a traffic stop on I-74 in northern Dearborn County, Indiana.
  • The Rush County Commissioners’ meeting was initiated by Paul Wilkinson with the Pledge of Allegiance. The previous meeting minutes were then approved. Brought forward to the commissioners were the accounts payable and the payroll claims ending on April 16, motions were passed and approved.
Saturday, June 12, 2021
Indiana Commission to Combat Drug Abuse
Indiana’s Commission to Combat Drug Abuse will meet virtually Friday morning. At the meeting, Executive Director for Drug Prevention, Treatment and Enforcement Douglas Huntsinger and other commission members will discuss continued efforts related to the drug crisis. Chairman Huntsinger will make an announcement.
Gov. Holcomb COVID-19 Address
Updates on the state's fight against COVID-19
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