RCHS has a whole pride of Lions who need to be recognized for demonstrating positive behaviors last week.

• Jackson Tracy was nominated by Mr. Riddell. Not only is Jackson doing some phenomenal things on the pitch, but his actions in the halls of RCHS are superb as well! Mr. Riddell saw Jackson stop and assist another student. The student seemed to be lost, so Jackson walked him to class.  Mr. Riddell says that efforts like Jackson's make RCHS a special place to be!
• Jonathan Starke was nominated by Mrs. Cox.  Mrs. Cox said that Jonathan is such a helpful and selfless young man.  She noted that he recently stayed after a soccer game and he helped clean up and fold the American flag.  She also noted that Jonathan helped an opposing player look for his lost cleats.

• Mekena Morgan was nominated by Profe Rosario.  Profe said that Makena is so helpful to all of her peers.  She is willing to stop what she's doing and help others when needed.  Profe says that Mekena is an asset to her class and that she has a caring attitude.

• Adrian Apodaca was nominated by Ms. Edwards.  Ms. Edwards says that Adrian collaborated with and helped a fellow student who was confused.  Adrian was kind, compassionate and he showed a great deal of patience.

• Brennen Boyd was nominated by Mrs. Brashaber.  Mrs. Brashaber says that Brennan is showing great effort in Algebra 2.  He asks for help, he uses SRT wisely, and overall he is a very hard worker.  Mrs. Brashaber noted that he is also very polite and he shows good character.

• Lexi Schwendenman was nominated by Mrs. Horton. Mrs. Hortn said that Lexi was a huge help in getting the book of schedules put together.  Lexi is a huge asset to have working in the main office.