National Ag Week was held from Sunday, March 21 to Saturday, March 27.  All around the country, Americans celebrated Ag Week by participating in different tasks, and just participating in their daily farming chores.  Some farmers that I talked to said that Ag Week was just another week in their year, and they continued about completing their farm tasks.

On Tuesday, March 23rd, National Ag Day was celebrated.  Community members were making posts on social media thanking farmers for all they have done.  Once again, many farmers said that this was just a normal day for them, and they went about their daily chores and different farm tasks.
The Rushville FFA Chapter did a special for Ag Week.  The Rushville FFA Chapter Officers introduced themselves via Instagram stories.  During their introductions, the officers explained their Supervised Agricultural Experiences, or SAE's.  These SAE's are a member's project that they run to try to win different awards within FFA.  Members keep strict records to make an attempt to win awards.

All in all, Ag Week 2021 was a successful week.  Farmers went on with their day to day lives.  Thank you to farmers for all their hard work, and for everything they do year-round!