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  • A love for the ages
    The Arlington Cemetery is beautiful. Between the scenery and the newly added memorial park, I can't help but feel at peace when I am there.
  • The Gift Horse
    During the holiday season, we normally present gifts to those we hold dear. This past year has been a real challenge, and some of the gifts that became most important were zoom appearances, food banks, and negative COVID-19 tests.
    “The Magpie” was Milroy High School's first newspaper. Volume one was published Monday, Sept. 29, 1919 and provided as an “introduction” to the school's newest venture. Elvis Mckee was editor and Lowell Innis was associate editor for the bi-monthly newspaper.
  • RCHS Changes Displays Regularly
    Experience Rush County's history, first-hand!
  • Christmas Open House
    It is almost Christmas time, don't miss out on this family friendly even on Sunday!
  • Rush County has extensive newspaper history
    I was pleasantly surprised to find out Rush County had and still has, a deep love for the newspaper.
  • Post Cards from the Past - New Salem
  • More information on Rushville’s iconic lions
    After reading last week's article from Paul Barada, I noted if you go up and look at the lions, it has the inscription J.L. Mott Iron Works, which leads me to believe all the info about the family and how they came to sit at the gym is correct.
  • East Hill Cemetery, a hidden gem
    “All persons who may feel favorable to the purchase and laying off of a new cemetery for the town of Rushville and the county at large are hereby requested to meet at the Court House next Saturday, at 4:00pm.
  • Post Card from the Past Answered

    Each week the Rushville Recorder ask Rushville community members to share their family's Rush County History.  This week's submission came all the way from California and is about John & Caroline Douge.

    Thank you Judy for sharing!  We will post any updates we find about your family as we move towards Rushville's bicentennial.

  • Election History
    “Harding elected by greatest popular vote in U.S. History”
  • A Glimpse of Milroy History
    Milroy is located in Anderson Township and is full of rich farmland on the banks of the Little Flat Rock River and was established in 1830 by Nathan and Julian Tompkins, who laid out a town and offered lots for sale. Nathan was also the first merchant in town, although William J. Brown did have a store prior to Tompkins, located about a mile south of Milroy present-day. 
  • Postcards from the past, Etta Spilman
    The last edition of “Revisit Rushville” sponsored by Moster Mortuary brought a story out of New Salem about a boy named Clifton Logan. Logan’s story was inspired by a couple of old post cards Logan had received that were found at the Mocha Moose amongst old post cards for sale. 
  • Taxes, taverns and jails
    This is the fifth article I have written concerning the Rush County Bicentennial in 2022. After the land sales at Brookville in 1820, the organization of Rush County took a lot of time and effort.
  • Where were you on that September day?
    “Where were you when it happened,” seems to be the first question asked during conversation regarding the anniversary of Sept. 11. As the date approaches Americans recall a day that will never be forgotten by those who lived through it. 
  • The Father of History Vol. III
    This is the third writing concerning the Rush County Bicentennial in 2022. The subject for today is William Beattie Laughlin, “The Father of Rush County”. I've consulted several local history books to glean a composite of information about Laughlin.
  • Rush County Bicentennial is coming
    Rush County will celebrate its 200th birthday in 2022. But the history of settlement in this part of Indiana really got underway on October 1, 1820, when land went up for sale at the Federal Land Office at Brookville for $1.25 an acre. It took a couple of years for Rush County to organize its government and court system. Surveying of the county was finished by April 29, 1820.
Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Indiana Commission to Combat Drug Abuse
Indiana’s Commission to Combat Drug Abuse will meet virtually Friday morning. At the meeting, Executive Director for Drug Prevention, Treatment and Enforcement Douglas Huntsinger and other commission members will discuss continued efforts related to the drug crisis. Chairman Huntsinger will make an announcement.
Gov. Holcomb COVID-19 Address
Updates on the state's fight against COVID-19
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