A survey of the field in the spring of 1921 shows the following list of individuals and firms engaged in professions or business at Rushville :

J. P. Frazee & Son, William Trennepohl, Jr., Winkler Grain Company, Dan Matlook, T. H. Reed & Son. Contractors - Beale Bros., M. Bennett, Edward Crosby, Delta Hinchman, F. B. Johnson, G. P. McCarty & Company, O. W. Price, Alonzo Sexton, Walter Wainwright, Joe Lakin, Morris Winship, E. L. Kennedy & Son, William Woliung, Will Keck, Harry Ferather.

Corn Turner

Hoosier Corn Turners.


White River Creamery Company; cream buyers, Schlosser Bros. ; cream test, Donald Webb ; dairies, James Dugan, Dodson, O'Reilly and Green Bros.


Carl F. Beher, P. H. Chadwick, C. S. Green, F. R. McClannahan, H. H. Pearsey, Frank Smith, F. M. Sparks.

Hargrove & Mullin, F. B. Johnson, Thomas W. Lytle, Pitman & Wilson.

Dry Goods

Callaghan Company, E. It. Casady, Griffin Dry Goods Company, J. W. Hogsett, Mauzy Company, W iltsee Company.

Electricians and Supplies

S. J. Finney, P J Miller, James Foley.
Factory Trucks (manufacturers) - Charles E. Francis Company.

Farm Gates
National Manufacturing Company.

Five and Ten Cent Stores

Wiltse Company. Florists-Glenn Moore, Pansy Green House. Foundries - Arbuckle & Company, Dill Foundry Company.
Fruits and Produce

M. J. Mascari, John R. Thompson, Adam's Produce Company.

Furnaces -

Beale Bros., James Foley, 0' Thal Bros., Rushville Implement Company, E. A. Lee.


Innis-Pearce Company, Rushville Furniture Company, Park Furniture Company; dealers, F. A. Caldwell, George C. Wyatt & Company.

Central Fuel Gas Company, Peoples Natural Gas Company, Rushville Natural Gas Company, Consumers Supply Co.

Gloves (manufacturers) 

Rushville Glove Company.

Glue Room Equipment (manufacturers) -

Charles E. Francis Company.

Grain, Flour and Feed

Ball & Orme, W. G. Newlin, T. H. Reed & Son (elevator), Rush County Mill, Winkler Grain Company.
Source: History of Rushville, Indiana (Part 1), from centennial History of Rush County