Mason Muncy walked up to the plate. He’s tall with dark curly hair sticking out under his helmet. “This is my last high school at-bat in high school. Give me a fast ball down the middle,” he said to the catcher.


Mason stepped up to the plate. He swung. 


He smiles and shakes his head as he steps out of the batter’s box. They’re down 12-5 in the last inning with two outs and a runner on second. 
The pitcher winds up. Throw. He doesn’t swing. 


Another ball and no swing. 

He steps back up and his bat makes little circles behind his head. Swing. 


The fans tense up. 
He steps back up. It’s a fast ball. He swings. 
HIT! It’s a line drive to right field and he makes it to first base as the runner stays on second.

The Knightstown Panthers’ varsity baseball team lost 12-5 Saturday at their regional game at Cascade High School against Parke Heritage High School out of Rockville. This was the first time the team had made it to regionals in 5 or 7 years, Muncy said. He pitched the first three innings with Ben Newby relieving him in the fourth inning with a score of 7-0, followed by Dalton Scott pitching the fourth and fifth and Bryce Gorman finishing the game.  

In the top of the fourth with an 11-0 score and bases loaded and two outs, Muncy hit a double and brought all three runners home, then stole third and was brought home when the pitcher balked. 

The team had six freshmen, five sophomores, two juniors and six seniors. Muncy’s plans are undecided, but he hopes to attend Ball State in the fall. Robert Porter will attend Purdue in the fall. Ben Newby has joined the army and left for training last Tuesday. Brock Corbett, Aaron Reagan, and Robbie Flodder are going to Ivy Tech in the fall for two years and will then transfer to a larger school to finish their degrees. 
The team ended with a 15-12 record, after 2019’s 11-19 record and 2018’s 15-12 record. 
After the game, the team gathered around their coach for one last pep talk behind the dugout. None of the boys looked at the parents as they gave some half-hearted high fives and gathered their gear. Then parents said a quick “good job” and the boys piled into the bus for pizza. There was a pizza eating contest between Corbett and Muncy. Corbett won.