Promotions Announced at Indiana Women's Prison
Indianapolis, Ind - Warden Johnson announced the following promotions that were effective November 1, 2020; Lt. Tottaneisha Williams was promoted to Captain, Sgt. Khadijah Kelly was promoted to Lieutenant, Sgt. Branden Fugate was appointed as the Correctional Training Supervisor, and Officers Donnel Exom and Brett Doyle were promoted to Sergeant.
Capt. Tottaneisha Williams, center in the photo, stands with Major Kelly Neese to her left and Captain Angela Blakey to her right, started her career at the Indiana Women's Prison as a Lieutenant in August of 2019. Prior to joining the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) her previous experience included service at Marion County Jail II and the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center. Capt. Williams has a strong educational background in Criminal Justice and is looking forward to excelling in her career at the IDOC.
Pictured to the left, facing the camera, is Lt. Khadijah Kelly, with Deputy Warden Virginia Sampson to the left and Capt. Tottaneisha Williams, to the right. Lt. Khadijah Kelly began her career with the Indiana Women's Prison as a Correctional Officer in October of 2013. Prior to her November, 1 promotion she advanced to the rank of Sergeant in July of 2016.
Sgt. Donnel Exom, facing the camera, has his new rank placed on his uniform by Major Kelly Neese, standing to the left and Lt. Sajade Hobgood, to the right. Sgt. Donnel Exom joined IWP in November of 2018 and has excelled in his duties over the past two years. This resulted in Sgt. Donnel Exom being qualified to compete in the promotion process and his subsequent promotion to the rank of Sergeant. Sgt. Donnel Exom is looking forward to learning his new duties and continuing his career at the IDOC.
Sgt. Brett Doyle, center in the photo, between Major Kelly Neese on the left and Capt. Kenneth Gray on the right. Sgt. Doyle began his career with IWP in February of 2019 and was promoted to Sergeant November 1, 2020. Brett also looks forward to his new duties as a supervisor to help mentor and assist other correctional officers at the women's prison.
Sgt. Branden Fugate began his career with the Department at Putnamville Correctional Facility in December of 2007. In 2010, he transferred to the Edinburgh Correctional Facility and later transferred to the Plainfield Correctional Facility (IYC) where he was promoted to his current rank in 2012. In May of 2020 Branden transferred to the Indiana Women's Prison where he developed a passion for training and developing staff which resulted in his promotion to Training Supervisor on November 1, 2020.