The Rush County Council meeting began by taking attendance of those community members there. The council welcomed new member Amy Grocox. February meeting minutes were then approved.

A grant request was brought forward for the study of the flood area north of the city. The study will navigate where exactly the flooding is coming from and hopefully provide options for a solution. There was a motion approved to move forward and the motion was passed.

Mary Ann Bridges, county assessor, brought forward a request from the Property Taxes Board of Appeals to change rate of pay from $100 a day to $12 per hour. The motion was approved and passed.

Jodi Harr, treasurer, shared recent Board of Finance minutes, an update on investments, tax collections, information on the COVID relief funding to the county and the annual report. She also shared 2019 State Board of Accounting recent requests for all fixed assets and asked the council for funding permission to work with Ron Heller. The funding request was for $6,000. The motion was approved and passed.